About Single Batch Coffee Roasters

Labor of Love

Over a year was spent restoring two Victorian Era Fire Roasters back to their original pristine state to produce the artisanal roasted coffee beans that you enjoy today!

Weekly Roasting Schedule

Our roasting day varies by schedule and order numbers, but happens weekly.

Brewing Your Beans

Treat your fresh roasted coffee like a potato. Keep it in the cupboard, cool, dry and dark. NO FREEZER! The natural gasses released by your fresh roasted coffee is heavier than air. Opening and closing your bag will not hurt your coffee. 

Fresh roasted coffee is a perishable. Your coffee will be at its prime for up to 3 to 4 weeks after roasting. We recommend always using filtered or bottled water.  

For specific brewing equipment instructions, please Google "brew guides." There are a lot of customized guides out there.

Happy Brewing!